Thursday, November 4, 2010

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

This is enough! I want something new..

Work makes me feel lazy today. All I do is just copy and paste some texts from one program to an Excel worksheet then copy and paste again until the end of my shift. It's not challenging at all, is it? Hehe. Well, complaining won't get me anywhere. I just have to remain thankful that I have work to do. This is going to be temporary I hope! Boss, I want something new..

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Thank You, Lord!

"Thank You, Lord!" were the words that came out of my mouth a few seconds after surviving a life-threatening car accident. I was heading home when a private car running at a very fast speed hit the cab where I was. The private car was on the opposite direction of the road and went past a blind curve before it hit us. While we were still a few meters away I already knew it's going to hit us so hard and that there was no way for the cab driver to avoid that fast approaching car. We later found that the reckless driver was drunk and a police officer. Things could have been really worse but I really thank God that we (cab driver and I) were both fine except for the minor bruises I got. It was a miracle that the windshield and all the windows did not get broken nor have any cracks. God indeed charged His angels to protect us that night. One more thing worth noticing is the name of the company that operates the taxi service (see pictures). That night I was reminded of the things that matter in life. One of them is relationship. Relationship with God, family, loved ones and friends. The fact that there is only one life to live should be reason enough not to keep delaying what you should be pursuing.

Thursday, April 9, 2009


I am so lucky or should I say blessed (since this did not happen by accident) to be surrounded with people who make me feel important and loved. I am referring to my wonderful parents, four siblings (a sister and three brothers), my love partner and those I consider true friends. Just last month during my birthday I was overwhelmed again with the greetings they sent through phone, SMS and internet. The act of them remembering a special day in my life alone brings happiness to my heart. My parents even bought food for me early in the morning that day and that really touched my heart. Apart from these heartfelt acts I am equally grateful of these gifts given by my sister, brother and love partner. I know they had generously given these as an expression of their love for me but even without these their presence in my life alone is more than enough and I love them so much.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

BDO (Beware of Danger Online) - an experience using BDO ATM Debit Card

This learning experience of mine may serve as a WARNING for those of you who are planning to use your BDO ATM Debit Card on online transactions. Early this week I reinstalled iTunes on my PC and attempted to create an account on iTunes Store thinking that I can spend my remaining ATM balance (denominations which cannot be withdrawn through ATM terminal) on future online music purchases. I was confident to do this because iTunes came from a trusted company, Apple. On the process of registering I tried entering the card number twice but it prompted invalid so I canceled everything. Little did I know that that failed attempt would incur me deduction on my account, which I discovered later upon making a call to BDO call center. According to the phone rep it is a merging problem and that it is not recommended yet to use their Debit Card online as they are still working on making that part of their service functional. Good thing is that they are going to reverse the deduction made, which may take 10 banking days. Well, they should since it is a flaw on the service.